"Green Corridor Project" is an afforestation project to which "Tetsuro Matsuzawa" Kyoto University primates laboratory teachers are mainly done.
The Challenge of "Green Corridor Project" in Guinea
Try making Green corridor for wild chinpanzees in Bossou.

"What is Green Corridor Project"
In the Primate Institute, Kyoto Univ. is reserch ecology and the action of wild chimpanzee who are living near the Bossou village in Guinea of West African. The chimpanzee cannot help living while isolated. Because their habitat is divided by various factors. So scholars think that the chimpanzee will die out. In this reason, they continue planting for connected with divided forest(Detail

 Green Corridor Project
 Primate Reseach Institute, Kyoto University

Photo of Bossou in Gunea-Green Corridor-
@The Hexatube were covered to planted trees whose hight were about 40cm in Dec.2005.
Some trees grew very well. Their hight are about 160cm. Left:Uapaca sp ..The photo was taken at Aug./31/2006
Hight growth of the Uapaca is 120cm among 8months.
@We set tubes in Sep./2006. (Right photo:taken at Sep./8/2006)

Progress of "Green Corridor Project"of Phytoculture Control Co,.Ltd.

  Kyoto Prefectural Univ. Dr.Kazunari Ushida Visited us
  Kyoto Prefectural Univ. Dr.Kazunari Ushida Visited us
  Interview with Dr.Tachibana about tropical savannna
  Kyoto Prefectural Univ. Dr.Kazunari Ushida tour of inspection of Hexatube.
  At Primete Reseach Institute, Kyoto Univ. (Interview with Dr.Tetsuro Matszawa)
  The sutudent of Kyoto Univ. start on journey to Bossou.
   He brought sample of Hexatube

  Interview with Mr,Daisuke Yamada (Mainishi-sinbun)
   He tolked about Bossou
  The sumple of Hexatube were set in Bossou

  Hexatubes shipment for the 1st stage(From Kobe to Guinea)
  Advice from Dr.Tachibana
  Vaccination(Yellow fever)
  I got Mephaquin.
  Hexatubes arrived Conakry, the capital of Guinea
  I flew to Guniea

  I arived at Bossou
  Hexatubes were set in savanna

  I came back to Japan
  Director of IREB visited Kyoto Prefectural Univ.
  Director of IREB visited Phytoculture Control Co., Ltd.
  Hexatubes shipment for the 2nd stage(From Kobe to Guinea)
  Hexatubes arrived Conakry, the capital of Guinea
  I flew to Guniea

  I arrived at Bossou
  Hexatubes were set in savanna
  I measured hight of planted trees in savannna
  I came back to Japan


 Place of Bossou(New)
 Scenery of Bossou
 (Living with neighbors of evolution)

 Scenery of Bossou
 (Photos offered By Green Corridor Project)

Tropical savanna woods
 What is a tropical savanna?
 Trees of Bossou(New)
Yukimaru S and Jeremy K(1992)The flora of Bossou:Its utiliazation by chimpanzees and humans.African Study Monographs,13(3):127-169

 Interview with Mr.Tachibana(New)

Green Corridor Project of Phytoculture Control
The 1st Stage
  Experiment purpose
  Plan of experiment

  Coorperative relationship with Bossou
  Data collection for main planting

 Report of the 1st stage

 3years plan
  Outline of plan
  Details of plan
  Basic philosophy
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